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2020 I noticed blood dripping from my left breast. I went to my primary care physician and explained what was going on, she sent me for a mammogram and it came back clear but I was still bleeding. I went to my GYN and she suggested I see a breast specialist. I saw her January 2021 and she did her own exam with an ultrasound and she saw I had enlarged ducts. We planned for surgery in March to remove the ducts. As routine she sent them off for biopsies but the results didn’t come back as planned. They showed I had early stages of breast cancer. My case was DCIS ( ducal carcinoma in stitu) which means the cancer is inside of the duct. I went in for my second surgery May to remove the cancer. It was successful. I then went to an oncologist to get set up for radiation. I started late July and finished 9/13/2021 with 6 weeks of radiation therapy. Today I am cancer free.

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