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Nikkito Lovingood's Story


It was August 2018; I went to see my PCP about a year before and since I was 40, she entered orders for me to get a mammogram.  My thinking was I am only 40, so I didn’t go.  In August of 2018, I was in West Virginia, scheduled to preach the morning service at our family reunion and as I was getting dress, I notices a visible knot a little below my collar bone. I showed my husband and we both pushed it aside thinking maybe I hit myself or something.  I ignored it for a for a few more weeks, hoping it would disappear on its own.  Thinking this cannot be a lump, its not in the right place. It didn’t get smaller, or disappear, it actual got bigger, and I finally called the Mammogram office to schedule the appointment.  I prayed and prayed that it would not be cancer.  I remember praying on my way to the mammogram appointment, asking the Lord that it not be cancer and to heal me.  I remember the spirit of the Lord touching me and I started to cry.  Because the spirit that fell was one of confirmation and comfort.  I knew before I went in that this was cancer, but the Lord had me. 


I was diagnosed with Stage 2 Breast Cancer. There were some strange events that led up to my surgery.  The Mammographer couldn’t feel the lump in my breast once I laid down, and the mammogram itself didn’t show area well enough to determine what it was.  I was told to come back the next day for an ultrasound and a biopsy, even then I had to show the technicians were the lump was.  The reason they had such a hard time locating the actual mass, was because it was close to my chest wall, near my lung.  It was up in the breast, but beneath the breast.  Without the inflammation caused by the mass, I would have never known it was growing. After they located it and I saw the surgeon, I ended up going back twice to have the marker implanted, because of the location on of the mass.  I believe until this day, that Lord was at work with the choosing of my surgeon.  I saw her almost every day for the 2 weeks before my surgery.  At the Grocery store, the pharmacy, the gas station.  Everywhere.  I believe this is the reason that she increased the margins that she cut out of me when removing the mass. Due to the location of the mass, she used anesthesia instead of a local anesthetic to remove it. Nothing was normal about my process. My Surgeon made sure there was nothing left to hurt me.  She removed so much more that the Oncologist asked if I was part of a special trial. I take Tamoxifen every day now. The night sweats and high blood pressure medicine is a win, compared to the alternative. I only had stage 2 Breast Cancer, but it was the most trying time of my life.  The constant fatigue, anxiety, and lack of appetite was sometimes overwhelming.  I cried a lot, I gave up a lot, then I would remember the Lord had me, the signs were there. I would remember my family that helped me with everything, from bathing, to getting dressed, to cooking, and cleaning.  Even driving me around in the middle of the night.  I remembered I still had hope.  After 3 months of Radiation I rang the bell, Cancer free, January of 2019.

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