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My Name is Bri and I am a 25 year old breast cancer patient /survivor I was diagnosed March 4 2022 with an invasive ductal carcinoma.. my life was normal before that day. I discovered a lump late December 2021 I let it go on for about a month and it got bigger so I went to the doctor and she set me up for an appointment with imaging they did a ultrasound and when it was finished the nurse said you need to be in for a biopsy IMMEDIATELY and I knew something was wrong I went in on a Tuesday was my biopsy that Friday I left my classroom Early it was the day before spring break and I told my students I was fine and I would be back the following week after spring break well boy was I wrong I went to my appointment where I met Brandi Hinson the lady who would change my life and pick it back up in a matter of minutes her faith was so strong I walked in that office to face the unknown cried when I found out but I walked out of that office that day a WARRIOR ready to fight since then I have had 3 surgeries and been through chemotherapy from May 2- July 5 and I’m actively in radiation treatment which I will complete September 21st I started my own support day “warrior Wednesday on Wednesdays we wear pink “ my friends started the Hashtag #Bristrong

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