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In 2012 I was scheduled for my 1st mammogram @ age 40. I contemplated back & forth whether I was going to get a mammogram. I decide I would go ahead & keep my appointment. I went & had my mammogram done & the Dr asked that they take more pictures. I leave & go home & they call me a couple days later saying they want to do a ultrasound & after the ultrasound was done they inform me they found something & I need to get a biopsy. I had the biopsy done & I really didn’t think to much about it. Fast forward, it’s Mothers Day weekend & we had plans of going to the beach. I was on my way to work & I get a call from my Dr., I answer the phone & he says good morning Mrs Edwards. I have good news & bad news. Which do you want first? I said give me the bad news. Well your biopsy came back & you have CANCER!!!! Oh my God I lost it & I was devastated. I drove past my job & went home & fell on the floor screaming & yelling “Why me God” then I call my husband to tell him. This was one of the worst days of my life. I cried for days/weeks/months & I kept asking. Why me God? He respond Why Not You? I thought I would have moths to get prepared for this journey….NOPE! I ended of having surgery  the following week because the Cancer had jumped to the lymph nodes in my arm. I had to have a mastectomy & 8 lymph nodes removed. I started chemotherapy (The Red Devil) which is the worst chemo you can receive but couldn’t finish all 10 rounds, I was only able to complete 8 rounds because it attacked my nerves so bad that ended up in the hospital in excruciating pain after several treatments. The Dr said you’ve had enough your body can’t take anymore. Then I started radiation which burnt my skin. I went through so much but I “Kicked Cancers Butt”. I had an amazing Support Team. They never allowed me to feel sorry for myself. They prayed, uplifted me, paid bills, brought groceries, cooked meals, cleaned my home, sat with me, went to primary care Dr, Oncology, chemotherapy & radiation appointments, etc. My Dr thought this journey was going to be a breeze since I was healthy & young…. little did we know that every side effect that could happen to me happened. I suffer from lymphedema, nerve damage, neuropathy, osteopenia among other things. I give God all the Glory for allowing me to endure & overcome this journey! Thanks to my family & friends & people I didn’t even know for everything they did for me & my family!

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